WWW2009 features four high-profile keynote speakers. The plenary talks take place each morning on the three days of the core conference, from Wednesday through Friday. These plenary talks take place in main Auditorium, and are intended for all WWW2009 attendees.

The plenary talk program for WWW2009 is as follows:

(Wednesday, April 22, 10:30-11:15, Auditorium)
Chair: Prof. Juan Quemada

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Director, World Wide Web Consortium
“Twenty Years: Looking Forward, Looking Back” (Slides)

(Thursday, April 23, 9:00-9:45, Auditorium )
Chair: Dr. Arun Iyengar

Dr. Alfred Z. Spector
VP Research and Special Initiatives, Google, Inc.
“The Continuing Metamorphosis of the Web”  (Slides)

(Friday, April 24, 9:00-9:45, Auditorium)
Chair: Prof. Gonzalo León

Dr. Pablo Rodriguez

Internet Scientific Director, Telefonica R&D
“Web Infrastructure for the 21st Century” (Slides)

(Friday, April 24, 9:45-11:00, Auditorium)

Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Yahoo! Research, Barcelona, Spain
”Mining the Web 2.0 for Better Search” (Slides)

Keynote Abstracts

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Asociación de Técnicos de Informática bcs etsit EUITT Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia
ctic mid+ Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas

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